What is Advanced Drone Technology and How Does It Work?

Advanced Drone Technology is a delivery system using specific receptor like ingredients to directly influence targeted skin cells. It works to reverse, repair and prevent future damage at the cellular level. This advanced system delivers potent active ingredients to quickly provide outstanding results. The science of these ingredients are why everyone should be using them to combat the signs of aging, hyper pigmentation and loss of elasticity for youthful baby-like skin!

Advanced Drone Technology is the delivery system that uses dual encapsulated super peptides to directly treat targeted areas of our skin cells. This double encapsulation uses special peptide receptors to actively find and treat targeted skin cells.

For example, the wrinkle filling drone only targets the fibroblast to stimulate glycosaminoglycans, also known as GAGs, to maintain and support the synthesis of collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid. The results are ninety-three percent increase of elasticity and an eighty-two percent increase of firmness in the skin.

There are a few key differences between an Advanced Drone Technologies dual encapsulation and other encapsulated ingredients. Though effective, ingredients with a single encapsulation are more quickly dissolved by the skin and do not have as much time to target and treat the parts of the cells that need the ingredients the most. Advanced Drone Technology contains a second protective coating that allows this super peptide to go further into the skin.

This means that it has more time to find its targeted destination and release its active ingredients making this delivery system more concentrated and effective.

Here at Smartface, we feature two forms of Advanced Drone Technology:

Wrinkle Remedy 1.0 fl oz $79.50 / Derma Pigment Skin Brightener 2.0fl oz $41

Diamond Bright Skin Lightener

Diamond Bright Skin Lightener’s drone only targets damaged melanocytes (pigmentation receptors) and releases its ingredients to reduce the overproduction of melanin while leaving all other skin cells alone.

Wrinkle Remedy

The second form of Advanced Drone Technology that we feature is found in our brand-new product. Wrinkle Remedy’s drone specifically targets in neurons to help temporarily inhibit the communication channels for muscle contractions while boosting collagen production, helping to smooth and soften expression lines.

Here at Smartface we are so excited to be able to introduce the power of Advanced Drone Technology to you available in our Wrinkle Remedy and Diamond Bright Skin Lightener products.




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